• Fun so far ★★★★
    Just getting started but like what I have done so far!
    By Lanelake for Version 2.3.1
  • Colorest ★★★★★
    I absolutely love this app? I do wish they had more patterns to choose from. My preferences are more mandalas and some inspirational patterns, as well as more garden and floral.
    By Men Amina of for Version 2.3.1
  • Yes, no, no fun ★★★★★
    This app is great and has awesome resolution on the pictures.
    By Fun Shopping43 for Version 2.3.1
  • Pretty good ★★★★★
    Fun to do An lots of color
    By Fun Selling32 for Version 2.3.1
  • It's no use ★★★★★
    This coloring book has a ton of colors that you DONT have to have a subscription for. I love this app
    By 50% off retail30 for Version 2.3.1
  • Very good ★★★★★
    Color all your worries away!
    By Just be careful then ok31 for Version 2.3.1
  • Him. ★★★★★
    Love this app!!! It's AWESOME!!!!
    By Free Shipping25 for Version 2.3.1
  • Too awesome, cattle ★★★★★
    This app is just as good as all the other coloring apps.
    By 46Surgibeam for Version 2.3.1
  • Must have ★★★★★
    It's a very good game, I like it a lot. I like how there are many plates and shades for each color. It also has a variety of pictures suited for all tastes.
    By Great for Gifting26 for Version 2.3.1
  • Very nice ★★★★★
    It's amazing but you've got to stop with the stupid freaking ads The
    By Good Deals28 for Version 2.3.1



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